A Case Report Utilizing Evidence Based Practice To Minimize the Incidence of Reoccurring Pressure Ulcers.

Lois Brown, MPT, ATP
Moss Rehab Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Wheelchair users who live in the community face significant challenges when trying to coordinate their own medical care in order to prevent/heal secondary complications such as a pressure sore. This case report involves one woman’s plight to recover and resume an active lifestyle after a Stage IV pressure sore. She continued to find herself once again facing disjointed medical care that left her with another pressure sore. In order to effectively manage these complications, individuals require coordinated care and a systematic methodology to ensure long-term health and wellness. In this case, there were a variety of medical professionals and caregivers along with other extrinsic variables that complicated the path to recovery. A rehab facility Seating Clinic using a comprehensive clinical approach identified the issues and gaps in service and provided specific equipment solutions to promote healing. This case report describes the steps taken within a clinic model to resolve pressure issues and promote healing.


Pressure Ulcers, SCI, Seating, Wheelchair, Wound Healing


This consumer was served through the Moss Rehab Outpatient Center Seating Clinic in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania.


Lois Brown, MPT, ATP
Moss Rehab Outpatient Center-Montgomeryville
737 Bethlehem Pike
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
Voice: (215) 412-7600
Fax: (215) 412-9873
Email: brownloi@einstein.edu, loisbrown@verizon.net


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