Instructor Knowledge of Universal Design

Stephanie Siegler, BS, Roger O. Smith, PhD, OT
Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability (R2D2 Center) – UW-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI 53211


During the recent years, post-secondary education institutions have witnessed an increase in students with disabilities. Literature reveals that universal design (UD) may be helpful for all students, regardless of disability. However, we know that campus faculty and staff are not yet well versed in UD strategies, or even the conceptual approach. A 65-item questionnaire was developed at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to measure the universal design knowledge of instructors of all backgrounds on the campus. Approximately 52 instructors successfully completed the survey with an average of 26 out of 40 universal design specific questions. This data set reports a set of test development steps to help assure for reliability and validity as a UD Knowledge Test.


Universal design; knowledge; instructors


The ACCESS-ed project is supported in part by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Post-secondary Education, PR/Award #P333A050090. The opinions contained in this publication are those of the grantee and do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Department of Education.

Author Contact Information:

Stephanie Siegler, BS
Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability (R2D2) Center
2400 E. Hartford Ave.
Enderis Hall, Room No. 971
Milwaukee, WI, 53211
Office Phone: (414)229-1138


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