EduNET: A Prototype Educational System Based on Handwritten and Verbal Interaction for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Chang Hoon Yun, MS1 , Zhigang Deng, PhD1 , Olin Johnson, PhD1 and Oscar Criner, PhD2
1 Department of Computer Science, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77004
2 Department of Computer Science, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX 77004


We introduce a prototype educational system as an intelligent tutorial system for individuals with multiple sclerosis in various ranges and stages of symptoms. The educational system incorporates handwriting, speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies to aid the patients more effectively than currently available educational tools. The architecture of the system combines Tablet PCs and a High Performance Workstation (HWP) to perform as clients and a server. The Tablet PC provides part of the user system to the advanced tutorial system that is operated by the HWP. Our initial experiments showed our system can be used as an effective tool for the individuals with multiple sclerosis.


Educational system software, Handwriting and Speech Interaction, Multiple Sclerosis


Chang H. Yun, M.S.
University of Houston
Department of Computer Science
4800 Calhoun Rd,
Houston, TX 77004
Voice: (832) 563-1691


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