Wheelchair Curb-Climbing: Randomized Controlled Comparison of Highly Structured and Conventional Training Methods

Sean Bennett, R. Lee Kirby, MD, Cher Smith, BSc (OT), Kim Parker, MASc


The objective of this study was to test the hypotheses that, in comparison with people trained to ascend 15cm curbs using a traditional approach, people trained using a highly structured method of training have a higher success rate and require less training time. We studied 16 able-bodied participants, randomly allocated to group. The “intervention” group received more structured training (e.g. a step-wise progression, trainer demonstrations and standardized feedback). The “conventional” group received the current standard care, lacking video and trainer demonstrations, mirror feedback, and the structured, step-wise method. The success rate of the intervention group was 86% while that of the conventional group was 78% (not significant). The mean total training time of the intervention group (47.3 minutes) was significantly shorter than for the conventional group (85.7 minutes) (p=0.04). These findings support the use of a more structured approach to training the curb-climbing skill.


wheelchair, curb-climbing, training, rehabilitation


Sean Bennett, c/o Dr. R. Lee Kirby
Dalhousie University, Room 206
Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre
1341 Summer Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3H 4K4.
Email: Kirby@dal.ca


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