Product Development of a Pediatric Wheelchair

Emily Zipfel BFA1, Rory Cooper PhD1, David Boninger PhD2, Jonathan Pearlman MS1, Mark McCartney1
Human Engineering Research Laboratories1, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Three Rivers Holdings2, LLC, AZ


This paper describes the second development phase of a new tilt-in-space manual pediatric wheelchair design. The objectives of this Phase Two work are: 1) Improve the design of the Phase One (P1) wheelchair based on design criteria formulated from focus group results and analysis. 2) Verify that the criteria have been met through ANSI/RESNA durability testing and further user testing. This paper describes work on this second phase to-date and builds upon Phase One work described in previous conference proceedings.


wheelchair, pediatric, tilt-in-space, design, technology transfer


This work was supported by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) (Phase II SBIR- H133S050134) and by the National Science Foundation (IGERT-DGE 0333420)


Emily Zipfel.


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