Evaluation of Healthy and Stroke Interlimb Coordination During Symmetric and Asymmetric Functional Tasks

Sarah Wang, BS1,2 and Michelle J. Johnson Ph.D1,2,3
1 Rehabilitation Robotics R & D Lab, Clement Zablocki VA Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI.
2 Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.
3 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI


Deficits in interlimb coordination(IC) contribute to the functional disability in stroke patients.  Addressing IC deficits after stroke has been somewhat overlooked in the realm of stroke interventions.  Our goal is to develop a robotic therapy protocol to improve IC for bimanual tasks and to assess changes in IC due to therapy.  We evaluated the metrics of phase difference(PD), goal synchronization(GS), task completion time(TCT), % movement overlap(%MO) to determine which are most sensitive to IC on both symmetric and asymmetric functional tasks (e.g., drink and feed).  We assessed IC for able-bodied and strokes.  We showed PD, TCT, and %MO to be sensitive to differences in IC across subject groups.  PD was more sensitive in the symmetrical task while TCT and %MO were more sensitive in the asymmetrical task. 


Bilateral tasks, Interlimb coordination, Activities of Daily Living, Stroke, Upper Limb


This work was funded by Medical College of Wisconsin Research Affairs Committee Grant #3303017 and the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Program Grant #5520015  

Author Contact Information:

Sarah Wang
Rehabilitation Robotics R&Design Lab,
Research Bldg 70 Room D230;
Clement Zablocki VA Medical Center,
5000 W. National Ave,
Milwaukee, WI, 53295.


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