IC3 Full Day: The essence of the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package- Basic Level

Tuesday, June 27, 8:30am – 5:30pm
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Non-Member: Early Bird $285
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Primary Subject Area: INT
Content Level: OUT
The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals developed a combined online and in-person training, the Hybrid Course, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Wheelchair Service Training Package - Basic Level. The purpose of the Hybrid is to decrease the cost of training and increase the number of people trained worldwide. The Hybrid was piloted in India, Mexico, Colombia, and the USA and proved to be an effective approach in increasing knowledge on basic wheelchair provision. This instructional course was designed to be suitable for pre-conferences and reach participants interested in updating their skills and knowledge according to the WHO guidelines.
This instructional course provides online resources for participants interested in reviewing materials prior to the in-person session. The in-person session will be enhanced by additional attention to the assessment and training of wheelchair skills, using methods developed by the Wheelchair Skills Program.


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How to Register

This course is being offered during the pre-conference session of RESNA 2017. A separate fee is required for all pre-conference sessions. To register, click on the "Registration" and choose one of the following options:
  • Full Conference with Pre-Conference Option - if you wish to register for this course as well as the full, three-day conference
  • Canadian Two-Day (Wed. and Thurs.) with Pre-Conference Option - if you wish to register for this course and are approved for this special, two-day conference
  • One-Day Conference (Wed., Thurs., or Fri.) with Pre-Conference Option - if you wish to register for this course as well as one day of the conference
  • Pre-Conference Only - if you wish to only register for this course
Please note that this course may be cancelled if registration numbers are low.
Registration Deadline : Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 11:00am
Learning Outcomes: 
Internationally Appropriate Technology: Providing services or conducting research relative to assistive technology in developing countries and other resource limited environments.
Service Delivery and Outcomes: Service delivery programs and administration, telerehab, models, challenges, funding and best practices, ethics for practitioners; outcomes measurement tools, application, importance, practice; measuring/quantifying function, documenting change in performance, testing validity and reliability of measurement instruments.
  1. Participants will describe the hybrid methodology that combines online modules and in-person sessions.
  2. Participants will identify the eight steps for the provision of manual wheelchairs.
  3. Participants will describe the characteristics of an appropriate manual wheelchair
  4. Participant will be able to discuss and identify advantages, disadvantages, and usability of hybrid methodologies in low-income settings

Course Sections: 
  1. Wheelchair Mobility Skills. Participants will be able to use basic wheelchair mobility skills safely, including pushing, turning, going up and down slopes, going up and down steps with assistance, a partial wheelie and getting over obstacles.
  2. Pressure sores and cushions. Participants will break into pairs and practice pressure relief techniques and pressure test demonstration on the wheelchairs.
  3. Transfers. Participants will break into groups of three to practice 3 transfers: independent transfer through sitting, assisted transfer through sitting with a transfer board, and assisted standing transfer.
  4. Physical Assessment. Participants will be able to take five basic wheelchair user measurements: hip width, seat depth, calf length, bottom of rib cage, bottom of shoulder blade. Participants will learn how to record a user’s physical assessment.
  5. Prescription. Participants will learn how to measure a wheelchair and will practice how to record a wheelchair prescription.
  6. Product preparation. Participants will be able to adjust a wheelchair to match the wheelchair prescription and will use the “wheelchair safe and ready”checklist to check that a wheelchair is safe to use.

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