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Adaptive Golf Cars (AGC)

RESNA Standards Committee on Adaptive Golf Cars (AGC)

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Future meetings are being planned now and the meeting information will be posted soon. Meetings are open to anyone; voting on documents requires membership. The committee seeks a balance of interest categories including: consumers, producers, users, and general interest. If you are interested in participating on the committee, please contact one of the officers.


Chair: John McGovern
Recreation Accessibility Consultants, LLC

Vice Chair: Mitch Oliver
Olivers LLC/Golf Express

Secretary: Richard Thesing
Mobility Golf

Adaptive golf cars are equipped with hand controls and a swivel seat enabling a golfer with a mobility impairment to play golf. This standard affects manufacturers of adaptive golf cars, golf course operators, mobility-impaired users of adaptive golf cars, local governmnets, intergovernmental risk pools, and individuals or organizations (public or private) that have an interest in the safety of adaptive golf cars.

Work Program

RESNA ASE-2 Adaptive Sports Equipment Volume 2: Adaptive Golf Cars

This standard includes requirements and test methods for adaptive golf cars. The standard includes tests for maximum speed, maximum acceleration, static and dynamic stability and brake systems. It also includes safety guidance for golf course operators. NGCMA Z130.1-2004 provides safety and performance specifications for golf cars. Adaptive golf cars are similar to standard golf cars in many respects but have hand controls, a swivel seat, and the golfer swings the golf club while sitting in the car. This creates safety issues not addressed by NGCMA Z130.1-2004 that required resolution.

The standard includes the following sections:

Section 1: Adaptive Golf Cars Safety and Performance Specifications