Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups

SIG members

Networking, information sharing, mentoring, mutual support, volunteerism and the joy of discovery are hallmarks of the RESNA member experience.

RESNA's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are online member communities that promote information sharing, best practices, and referrals in a secure and confidential environment. You must be a member to join a SIG. The exception is the "International SIG," which accepts RESNA non-members. SIGs meet at the RESNA Annual Conference and are able to use a member only listserv.


The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) connect assistive technology professionals from diverse backgrounds to other members that share similar interests. Grouped around common themes and issues, the SIGs encourage an inter-disciplinary approach to information sharing, collaboration and connection.


SIG members join together to publish influential position papers, collaborate on conference workshops, and participate in professional development activities. All of the Special Interest Groups can connect as communities through our new, online community platform, RESNA Connect! Access RESNA Connect to take part in discussions, share resources, and collaborate with fellow community members.

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