Access and Communication Technology

Access and Communication Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the SIG for ACCESS AND COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY is to facilitate education and information sharing between RESNA members and other professional organizations that have an interest in AAC, computer applications, and information technology to benefit people with disabilities. The SIG for ACCESS AND COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY focuses on issues related to improving quality of life by advocating for the most effective performance and outcomes possible. This is done through generating and disseminating information and evidence on the issues and advancements in technology and tools. The SIG for ACCESS AND COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY recognizes the importance of establishing liaison with other groups with similar objectives and interacting with other SIGs and all assistive technology stakeholders.

Our Members

The members of our SIG work to improve the lives of people with disabilities through Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems, computer applications, and information technologies. Our mission is to share information, research findings, resources and best practices with RESNA members and other professionals who share our interests. We recognize the importance of interacting with other SIGs; liasing with groups that have similar objectives; involving assistive technology users; and supporting all assistive technology practitioners and stakeholders.

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Chair: Alisa Brownlee