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Founders Fund

Honoring the past . . . investing in the future

Thanks to our Founders and their hard work and dedication over 30 years ago, RESNA rapidly became the leading membership organization in the fields of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology. While there have been significant changes in technology, funding, service delivery and competing conferences, RESNA remains the only professional organization dedicated to the public welfare through scientific, literary, professional and educational activities by supporting the development, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge and practice of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology in order to achieve the highest quality of life for all citizens. RESNA’s leadership in the field of assistive technology is even more important today.

The main purpose of the RESNA Founders Fund (RFF) is to financially enable RESNA to continue its leadership role, focusing on support of new initiatives that will assist RESNA to address the challenges of today and tomorrow in the field of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology. In general, the funds will be used to host consensus-building meeting(s), widely communicate its mission to members and others, provide seed-funding for innovative activities and establish programs (eg, scholarships) that will encourage students to pursue a career in the field of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology. Donations will not be used to support the daily operation of RESNA.

Perhaps you are a retired professional and are having a growing feeling that its time to give back to the organization that provided an invaluable forum for your career development, or fostered a network of career-long colleagues, or provided an outlet for your research activities, or opportunities to share your clinical expertise through instructional course presentations, or receive an AT credential in your chosen specialty. Possibly you are a past or current owner of an assistive technology company for which RESNA has provided a venue in which to exhibit your products or seek feedback from the trend-setters in the field on your prototype designs, or were able to benefit from participation in industry standards development. Or maybe you are at mid-career and you want to make sure RESNA remains a strong leader in the field and grows to better serve your needs in the future. Whatever your reason may be, through the RESNA Founders Fund you can invest in a legacy that will focus on building for tomorrow, so that the field of assistive technology can better serve the needs of persons with disabilities.

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