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Offer RESNA CE for Your Next Educational Event

Sign up to be an Official RESNA CE Provider, and serve a community of 5,000+ RESNA members and certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs)

Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP’s) can easily and securely earn qualifying RESNA CE credits from organizations that are approved RESNA CE providers.

How do I become a RESNA CEU provider?
Simply email RESNA at, subject line “RESNA CE Provider Sign-Up,” to start the process. The first year fee as a CE Provider is $750. This includes all operational set-up fees and staff review of all courses in which you would like to offer RESNA CEUs.

You will then be invoiced for your CE Provider fee, which can be paid via credit card or check.

After the first year, the renewal fee is $500. You will be invoiced in March every year.

What happens after I pay my introductory fee?
Congratulations, you are now eligible to begin submitting educational sessions for our review!

How do I submit my educational sessions for review?
We will send you a CEU Tracker spreadsheet to enter your pertinent course details. Staff will review, and contact you with any questions.

What do I need to include in the CEU Tracker spreadsheet to have my courses be approved to offer RESNA CE?
In alignment with RESNA’s CE accrediting body, IACET, the following information is required for each of your submissions:

  1. Course name
  2. Course abstract
  3. Learning Outcomes
  4. Instructor biography
  5. The number of CEUs offered
  6. The learning evaluation method
  7. How the CE is awarded
  8. The post-test method and test pass rate needed in order to earn the CEUs
  9. Confirmation in the description that the post test is based on learning Outcomes
  10. A link to the course description posted on your website. ,If you do not have a link, then a word document or pdf of what you are offering is sufficient.

How will RESNA ATPs and members know that we are an approved RESNA CE provider?
We will share with you a logo and verbiage for you to add to your CE certificates, showing proof of being a RESNA CEU provider.

How will RESNA ATPs and members find our continuing education?
Upon becoming an Official RESNA CE Provider, your organization logo and description will  be added to the Official RESNA CE Provider website.

Questions? Contact, subject line “RESNA CE Provider Sign-Up” to speak with RESNA staff.