2020 Board Elections

As Chairs of the Governance Committee, it is our pleasure to present a slate of candidates for the open positions on the RESNA Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors determines the overall priorities and strategic direction for all the organization’s activities and approves the annual budget. Please consider the skills, strengths, diversity and perspectives of each candidate and how they might provide strong leadership for the organization on matters of importance to RESNA’s mission and future. 

All voting is on-line. All eligible members will receive an e-mail notification from the RESNA office with your username, password, and link to the voting system. Voting will me open the month of May. If you have not received this e-mail notification by May 6, or have technical difficulties, please contact the RESNA office.

Information about each candidate, including their nomination statement and CVs, are posted on the voting site.

Board Officers 

President-Elect – 2 candidates

Carmen DiGiovine, PhD, ATP/SMS    

James Lenker, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

The President-Elect includes the following:

  • President-Elect Term (2 years):  08/01/2020-07/31/2022
  • President Term (2 years): 08/01/2022-07/31/2024
  • Immediate Past President (2 years): 08/01/2024-07/31/2026

Candidates for President-Elect must have previously been a member of the Board of Directors and served at least one year as an elected officer or director. There are 2 candidates for 1 position. 

Secretary – 1 candidate

Rita Stanley

  • Term (2 years): 08/01/2020-07/31/2022

Candidates for Secretary must have previously been a member of the Board of Directors. 

Board Members  6 candidates 

Term (3 years):  08/01/2020 to 07/31/2023

There are 6 candidates for 3 positions.

Mark Bresler, MSBME

Anne Cronin, Ph.D., OTR/L, ATP

Mary Goldberg, PhD

Perry Loh, MBA, ATP

Jon Pearlman, PhD

Hongwu Wang, PhD

Thank you for your participation in this important process.


Roger O. Smith, PhD, OT, FAOTA, RESNA Fellow
Email: smithro@uwm.edu

Maureen Linden, MSBME, RESNA Fellow
Email: maureen.linden@coa.gatech.edu

Andrea Van Hook
Executive Director