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Inactive Status

A certification may be placed on inactive status while the certification is still current and in good standing. Inactive status may be desirable to allowing certification to lapse due to extended medical or family leave, change of employment status or type of work, advanced studies, and more.

Inactivate Your Certification

Note: Individuals who hold more than one certification must submit payment of $25 for each certification that they inactivate. For example, the total cost of Inactive Status for both the ATP and SMS certifications would be $50.

The certification designation may not be used in any form of communication while the certification is in Inactive Status.

An Inactive Status certification may be returned to Active Status by submitting the recertification application by the expiration of the two-year Inactive Status period. If an Inactive Status certification is returned to Active Status, that certification will be placed on a new two-year certification cycle, based on the date the certification was reactivated.

If the certification is not reactivated by the end of the two-year Inactive Status period, then the certification will automatically be placed into Expired Status. Once a certification moves into Expired Status, it may be reinstated only within the first two years of Expired Status. After the deadline for reinstatement has passed, certification can be re- attained only by applying for initial certification as a new applicant and satisfying the current certification requirements at the time of application.

Though RESNA collects contact information on the Inactive Status form, RESNA will not send out reminders about certification reactivation or reinstatement; it is the certificant’s responsibility to reactivate the certification in accordance with RESNA’s Certification Renewal Policy.