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Specialty Boards

Specialty boards are established by the Board of Directors to provide oversight and strategic planning for certain RESNA programs. The sub-boards are comprised of members, non-members, and consumers. They are: 
  • Assistive Technology Journal Board - charged with evaluating submissions and developing content for RESNA's research journal. 
  • Assistive Technology Standards Board - charged with coordinating the development of voluntary consensus standards in the United States and representing the needs and views of U.S. stakeholders in international standardization forums. 
  • Development Board - charged with supporting the mission mission and future development of RESNA by raising funds and determining allocation of resources. 
  • Professional Standards Board - charged with oversight of RESNA's certification programs, the Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), Seating & Mobility Specialist (SMS), and Rehabilitation Engineering Technologist (RET). Visit the Get Certified section to learn more.