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2011 Awards


2011 RESNA Awards

RESNA Leaders Honored at Toronto Conference

RESNA recently held a successful conference in Toronto. Participants were able to take part in numerous workshops, scientific presentations, plenary sessions, exhibitor displays, visits to local research labs, and other gatherings. As always, the conference provided opportunities to lean, explore, earn CEUs, make new friends, and network with colleagues.

For RESNA members, an important part of the conference was the annual presentation of awards to people who have made significant contributions to the organization and the field. By doing so, we honor our current, past, and future leaders. We are pleased to present this list of this year's awardees accompanied by short statements detailing their accomplishments.

- Ray Grott, RESNA President

RESNA Fellow Award

The highest honor that RESNA bestows, this award recognizes members who have made long term and substantial contributions to the fields of rehabilitation engineering or assistive technology as well as significant contributions to RESNA.

photo of Cathy Bodine

Cathy Bodine, PhD, CCC-SLP
For her many efforts in the field of Rehabilitation Technology, and her commitment and significant contributions to RESNA

As a RESNA member over the past 13 years, Cathy Bodine has served as Chair of two SIGs, and served on the Board of Directors for 5 years, including a stint as Secretary on the Executive Committee. She has planned RESNA educational offerings, reviewed numerous RESNA publications, and developed a Board Orientation document to be used with incoming Board members.

Cathy is an Associate Professor and Executive Director of Assistive Technology Partners at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Nationally and internationally, she serves on a number of advisory boards of organizations dealing with applications of technology for people with disabilities, particularly those with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. She is recognized as a leader in this area, and is currently in the second five years of leading the Rehabilitation Engineering and Research Center (RERC) on Advanced Cognitive Technologies.

Cathy has been and continues to be an incredibly productive leader and innovator in support of research, advocacy, and clinical efforts to enhance the lives of people with disabilities through technology. All of her working life has been and continues to be devoted to helping individuals with disabilities seek their highest level of independence at home, school, work and play through the addition of assistive technology. "Cathy is determined to ensure that all individuals are able to access the assistive technology they need." "She is very effective at bringing together stakeholders from the broad variety of disciplines and venues that make up the field of AT, and facilitating their competent and productive collaboration for advancing the field."

photo of Ray Grott

Ray Grott, MA, ATP, RET
For his many accomplishments in the fields of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology, and his generosity of contributions to RESNA and its members

Ray Grott joined RESNA in 1992. He has served on numerous RESNA committees, including as Chair of the Membership committee and the Meetings Committee - in which capacity he took major responsibility for organizing two annual conferences. Most recently, he is serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors. Ray has a long history as a presenter of instructional courses and workshops (sometimes with his alter-ego, "ErgoMan"). He can always be counted on to share his latest custom designs and is widely known for his frequent postings to the RESNA technology listserve. His contributions to RESNA and his support of others in the field earned him RESNA's Distinguished Service and Mentor awards.

Ray is the Director of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (RET) Project at San Francisco State University, through which he provides direct AT services to hundreds of people throughout the region. He also teaches, participates in research, reviews and edits articles and proposals, evaluates new products, supports disability rights issues, and volunteers on committees such as the Assistive Technology Advisory Committee for his state's Department of Rehabilitation.

"Ray's insight and critical thinking skills, not to mention his willingness to 'speak up', have served RESNA extremely well. He can always be counted on to be very thoughtful and objective in his contributions to the business of running the organization." "The AT field is lucky to have him. Ray naturally rises to the top of a group or organization because of his competence, dedication, integrity, intelligence, broad experience, and astonishing work ethic."

photo of Anita Perr

Anita Perr, MA OT, ATP
For her many efforts in the field of Rehabilitation Technology, and her commitment and significant contributions to RESNA

Anita Perr has dedicated more than 19 years of service to RESNA, serving in multiple leadership roles including the Board of Directors, Chair of the Professional Standards Board, and long-time contributor on the ANSI/RESNA Standards Committees for Wheelchair and Seating and for Postural Support Devices. She has also served as a reviewer for the RESNA scientific program competitions and as a judge for Sore Butts Design Competitions, among other contributions.

"Anita's greatest asset is her sensitivity to the people in the environment around her and their needs." "She has been extraordinary at building relationships across multiple disciplines that have come to make up the RESNA membership." "Careful and critical thought, compassion, and the desire to make a difference are evident in each and every encounter with Anita. No hidden agendas, no desire to one up, or take credit, just the desire to make things better, in line with the mission of RESNA."

photo of Paul Schwartz

Paul Schwartz, MISE, ATP, RET
For his many efforts in the field of Rehabilitation Technology, and his commitment and significant contributions to RESNA

Paul Schwartz has been a member of RESNA since 1991. From early on, Paul joined in organizational activities, eventually chairing the Job Accommodations SIG and presenting instructional courses and workshops. He also helped develop and promote the ATP and RET Certifications and later joined the Professional Standards Board, serving as its Vice President. Paul is currently serving his second term on the RESNA Board and is concurrently a member of the Finance Committee. Paul's interest in fostering the professional growth and development of others led to his being honored with the RESNA Mentor Award in 2003.

Outside of RESNA, Paul is the Assistive Technology Manager of the Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, where he has been instrumental in developing that program into a major provider of AT services across the state. He has participated in and helped lead the JETS/NISH National Engineering Design Challenge, focusing on the high school competition and participating in judging the contest for a number of years.

"Paul is a role model to all who know him. He has a positive perspective on life that carries over into everything he does." "Paul makes one want to come to the annual conference to rub shoulders with him, makes one want to be part of an organization that includes him, and makes one want to join with him in sharing the load; contributing and pushing RESNA and the field forward. It is Paul and people like him who have made RESNA the respected and positive force in the field that it is today."

Sam McFarland Memorial Mentor Award

Recognizes members who have influenced, counseled, and nurtured others in the fields of rehabilitation engineering or assistive technology

photo of Marcia J. Scherer

Marcia J. Scherer, PhD, MPH
For her generous efforts in mentoring students, colleagues, and friends

Marcia Scherer offers a marvelous mix of scholarship, publication, mentorship, advising, and friendship that has touched many AT professionals, as well as immeasurable numbers of persons with disabilities through her life's work. With a warm, willing smile and a quick mind, Dr. Scherer has helped students at all levels of education and in many fields affiliated with rehabilitation. She has, for example, chaired and participated on thesis and dissertation committees, has helped with the development grant awards as well as served on grant review panels, participates as an advisory board member for a large NSF grant, publishes her theoretical models as guides for clinicians working with persons with disabilities, and has influenced policy in our field.

"Marcia's work with individuals with disabilities brought into focus the need for professionals to listen, understand and work with the individual in the pursuit of the most optimal, practical and usable assistive technologies. She was at the forefront of this paradigm shift from 'doing to' to 'doing with' and this alone makes her stand apart as a leader and innovator."

Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes members for their sustained contributions and service to RESNA or the fields of rehabilitation or assistive technology

photo of Denis Anson

Denis Anson, MS, OTR/L
For his efforts and contributions in RESNA’s Computer Tech Lab since 1990

The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Denis for his 20 years of efforts and contributions with the Computer Tech Lab at the annual conferences. In this role, he serves as resource for presenters, RESNA members, and conference attendees answering their questions about computer access, showing different types of technologies, and helping with hands-on experiences. "Denis is always in the Lab, is always cheerfully available to help with questions, and always solves the problem."

photo of Lawrence W. Schneider

Lawrence W. Schneider, PhD
For his efforts and contributions in setting wheelchair transportation safety standards

The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Lawrence for his efforts and contributions in setting wheelchair transportation safety standards. These have included more than 10 years of work on research and development projects, preparation of conference presentations, two state-of-the science conferences, development of position papers, and other efforts to support and promote voluntary industry standards and facilitate the development of a body of knowledge focused on wheelchair transportation safety. "Due to his passion for equivalent protection for wheelchair-seated passengers and their right to expect safety, usability and independence, his work will forever change the way the entire wheeled mobility industry thinks about wheelchairs and transportation."

photo of Linda Szczepanski

Linda Szczepanski, CMP
For her efforts and contributions as RESNA’s Volunteer Coordinator since 1997

The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Linda for her 14 years of contributions as Volunteer Coordinator at the annual RESNA conferences, where she has coordinated hundreds of volunteers to assist with onsite conference operations. She has always been highly organized in her efforts and works to build a sense of camaraderie among the volunteers. "Although her duties have always put her behind the scenes and out of the limelight, it is now time to recognize the entirety of her efforts and contributions."

Rookie Award

Recognizes new members who have made significant contributions, provided leadership, and made an impact to RESNA

photo of Jennifer N. Boger

Jennifer N. Boger, MASc(Eng)
For her outstanding contributions and commitment as a new member of RESNA

Jen has been very involved in RESNA in the short time that she has been a member. Early on, she volunteered for the role of co-chair of the Cognitive Disabilities SIG. She also became very active on the website committee, eventually taking over as its chair. In this role, she has been instrumental in developing a new website that the organization is very proud of. Most recently, Jen has been elected to the Board of Directors, "where we know she will continue to excel and become one of the future leaders of RESNA."

photo of Michael Boyce

Michael Boyce, BS
for his outstanding contributions as a new member of RESNA

As a new member, Michael volunteered to be the vice chair of the Communication Technologies and Computer Access SIG. He then began sending out regular informational emails to the SIG members and an occasional newsletter. On his own initiative, he organized a meeting for RESNA members at ATIA. When the SIG chair was in the hospital for several weeks, Michael temporarily took over his duties and laid the groundwork for activities at the upcoming conference. He also submitted papers for the last two conferences. "Michael is a well-rounded young researcher who will contribute to RESNA and assistive technology for years to come."

Certificate of Appreciation

Recognizes RESNA members or non-members for a special one-time activity benefiting either RESNA or the fields of rehabilitation or assistive technology

photo of Michael A. Babinec

Michael A. Babinec, BS, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP
For his efforts and contributions as Member of the Board of Directors

photo of Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth Cole, BA, MSPT
For her efforts and contributions as Member of the Board of Directors

photo of >Kay Ellen Koch

Kay Ellen Koch, OTR/L, ATP
For her efforts and contributions as Member of the Board of Directors

photo of Linda Elsaesser

Linda Elsaesser, PT, ATP
For her efforts and contributions as Chair of the Education Committee

photo of Jamie Arasz Prioli

Jamie Arasz Prioli, ATP
For her efforts and contributions as Chair of the SIG Committee

photo of Jennifer N. Boger

Jennifer N. Boger, MASc(Eng)
For her efforts and contributions as Chair of the Cognition and Sensory Loss SIG

photo of Lauren Rosen

Lauren Rosen, PT, MPT, MSMS, ATP
For her efforts and contributions as Chair of the Wheeled Mobility and Seating SIG

photo of Lori Nicolini

Lori Nicolini, PT, ATP
For her efforts and contributions as Chair of the Physical Therapists PSG

photo of Sue Redepenning

Sue Redepenning, OTR/L, CDRS
For her efforts and contributions as Chair of the Occupational Therapists PSG

photo of Frank D. Puckett

Frank D. Puckett, PhD, CRC, ATP
For his efforts and contributions as Chair of the Educators PSG

photo of Denise Axelson

Denise Axelson
For her efforts and contributions as Secretary of the Assistive Technology Standards Board for 13 years

Conference Presentation - 1.85 Mb pdf file

Special thanks to the Awards Committee:

  • Caren Sax, Chair
  • Al Cook
  • Dave Jaffe
  • Heidi Koester
  • Jim Lenker

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