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2005 Awards


2005 RESNA Awards

Certificate of Appreciation

Recognizes a RESNA member or non-member for a special one-time activity benefiting either RESNA or the fields of rehabilitation or assistive technology

photo of Jimmy Abbas, PhD

Jimmy Abbas, PhD

photo of Kim Adams, PhD

Kim Adams, MSc, EE, ATP

photo of Christine L. Appert

Christine L. Appert, EdD, ATP

photo of Michael Babinec

Michael Babinec, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP

photo of Adrienne F. Bergen

Adrienne F. Bergen, PT, ATP/S

photo of Kendra Betz, PT

Kendra Betz, PT

photo of Mike Boninger

Mike Boninger, MD

photo of Ron Boninger

Ron Boninger

photo of Carrie Brown, PhD

Carrie Brown, PhD

photo of Kevin Caves, ATP, RET

Kevin Caves, ATP, RET

photo of Susan Christie

Susan Christie, PT, ATP

photo of Laura J. Cohen

Laura J. Cohen, PT, PhD, ATP (2)

photo of Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth Cole, MSPT

photo of Dana Corfield

Dana Corfield

photo of Barbara Crane

Barbara Crane, PhD, PT, ATP

photo of Kimberly A. Davis

Kimberly A. Davis, MSPT, ATP

photo of Gerry Dickerson

Gerry Dickerson, ATS, CRTS

photo of Doran Edwards, MD

Doran Edwards, MD

photo of Linda-Jeanne Elsaesser

Linda-Jeanne Elsaesser, PT, ATP

photo of Jan Furumasu

Jan Furumasu, PT, ATP

photo of Margo Holm

Margo Holm, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, ABDA

photo of Syd Gubin

Syd Gubin, ATP, ATS

photo of Ed Irwin

Ed Irwin, BS, BME

photo of Jeffrey Jutai

Jeffrey Jutai, PhD, C.Psych

photo of David Kreutz

David Kreutz, PT, ATP

photo of Ziggi Landsman

Ziggi Landsman

photo of Barbara Levy

Barbara Levy, PT, ATP

photo of Dan Lipka

Dan Lipka, M. Ed., OTR/L, ATS

photo of Eva K. Ma


photo of Simon Margolis

Simon Margolis, CO, ATS, ATP

photo of Chris Maurer

Chris Maurer, PT, ATP

photo of Jean Minkel

Jean Minkel, PT

photo of Pat Meeker

Pat Meeker, PT

photo of Alex Mihailidis

Alex Mihailidis, PhD

photo of Jill Monger

Jill Monger, PT, MHS, ATP

photo of Jessica Pedersen

Jessica Pedersen, MBA, OTR/L, ATP (2)

photo of Anita Perr

Anita Perr, MA, OT, ATP

photo of Mark R. Schmeler

Mark R. Schmeler, MS, OTR/L, ATP

photo of Ron Schuchard

Ron Schuchard, PhD

photo of Kate Seelman

Kate Seelman, PhD

photo of Mary Shea

Mary Shea, OTR/L

photo of Jill Sparacio

Jill Sparacio, OTR/L, ATP, ABDA

photo of Stephen Sprigle

Stephen Sprigle, PhD, PT

photo of Molly Story

Molly Story

photo of Thomas E. Stripling

Thomas E. Stripling

photo of Mike Van der Loos

H.F. Machiel (Mike) Van der Loos, PhD

photo of Jerry Weisman

Jerry Weisman, MSME, ATP, RET

photo of David Wysocki

David Wysocki, MS, OTR/L, ATP

Distinguished Service Award

photo of Kay Ellen Koch

Kay Ellen Koch, OTR/L, ATP

Leadership Award

University of Pittsburgh Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology (SHRS) logo

University of Pittsburgh Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology

Honorary Fellow

photo of John C. Bollinger

John C. Bollinger

RESNA Fellows

photo of Susan Johnson Taylor

Susan Johnson Taylor, OTR/L

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