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"Gears of Progress" Podcast

Gear of Progress LogoThis new podcast about assistive technology launched December 1, 2023 with a new episode being released every other week.

The podcast focuses on research and innovations in rehabilitation engineering and assistive technologies aimed to improve accessibility for people with disabilities

Each episode features an in-depth interview with a researcher working in rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology. The podcast provides a platform to discuss emerging research and offers insight into research and AT careers.

Look for “Gears of Progress” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox and Amazon Music. RESNA is pleased to support the podcast and help promote it.


Sasha PortnovaA postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington, Sasha Portnova, PhD. is passionate about the dissemination of the exciting work that has been happening at the forefronts of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technologies.

"My first experience with a research-focused podcast was through Biomechanics On Our Minds (BOOM). Its hosts, Dr. Melissa Boswell and Dr. Johanna O'Day, were a true inspiration about finding creative ways in engaging the audience about biomechanics research and actually pushing for science dissemination in the field. In academic research, most of the work that is happening stays within the lab walls, only leaving them for yearly conference presentations and journal publications that are only attended or read by folks in the specific area. I think it is our duty to deliver the findings to a greater community in ways that are engaging and, most importantly, accessible."

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