Accommodations SIG

Accommodations SIG

The Accommodations special interest group exists to provide communication and networking opportunities for assistive technology professionals who conduct research, develop new technologies, or provide accommodation services for the workplace or home. Our interest in accommodations ranges from no- or low-tech solutions to high-tech solutions such as personal robotic systems. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Workplace accommodations, ergonomics, and employment issues
  • Home modifications and environmental control
  • Personal transportation issues, including vehicle design and modification
  • Unique accommodation needs for rural settings

The Accommodations SIG sponsors many activities, mostly during the annual RESNA conference, but we are interested in participating in events other than those at the conference. Currently, the SIG has a members-only group. 

This SIG is currently seeking a chair! Are you interested?  Submit a volunteer interest form and staff will get back to you. 

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