Cognition and Sensory Loss

Cognition and Sensory Loss

Cognition and Sensory Loss is a multidisciplinary group interested in assistive technologies that support cognition and perception, including cognitive disabilities, sensory loss, dysphasia (swallowing and eating) and special education. Areas of interest include the range of low-tech to high-tech devices, rehabilitation and educational evidence-based practices related to cognition and perception, and general information sharing and dissemination.

Many of Cognition and Sensory Loss members’ participate in exciting interdisciplinary research, including projects that involve wireless connectivity, robotic monitors and prompts, educational computer games, virtual reality simulations, universal design and more. Cognition and Sensory Loss is intended to serve as a catalyst for growth, both internally and externally. As communication and interaction among researchers and practitioners can only lead to more innovation and better evidence-based options, we encourage the use of Cognition and Sensory Loss’ website to foster research, development, training and practice.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support engineers, clinicians, technicians, vendors, and educators who are interested in advancing the fields of assistive technology, rehabilitation engineering, and universal design to support cognition and/or sensory loss. The Cognition and Sensory Loss SIG endeavors to provide an environment for establishing awareness, fostering relationships, encouraging ideas, and building knowledge that will impact SIG members, RESNA members, and the world at large.


  • Connect specialists from different backgrounds and areas of expertise
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of supportive technology for cognition and sensory loss
  • Distribute information about relevant technologies and supportive strategies to RESNA members and other interested parties
  • Support and inform professionals in the field regarding concerns expressed by both people with cognitive and/or sensory loss and by developers of assistive technology, rehabilitation engineering, and universal design
  • Foster the involvement of people with cognitive and sensory disabilities in the design, development, and  implementation of assistive technologies, rehabilitation engineering and universal design
  • Work with the Governmental Affairs Committee and sister organizations to collaborate on and impact policies and funding in the areas of cognition and sensory loss


Chair: Steve Sutter
Phone Number: 317-777-0356

Co-Chair Emeritus: Bill Youngman, MSW