Emerging Technologies SIG

Emerging Technologies SIG

Assistive technology professionals regularly evaluate, assess, and integrate new technologies into their practice to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. The speed of contemporary advances and new innovations, however, can often be overwhelming. In addition, emerging technologies commonly arrive as generalized technology which is not geared specifically for persons with disabilities. Integrating emerging technology into assistive technology provision requires an ongoing effort, which includes discussing goals with the client, being familiar with existing and available technology, designing and matching the capability offered by new technology with the functional capacities of the client, implementing a design, and assessing the long term use of the technology. Limited time and exposure to new technologies may limit providers to be acquainted with only a few emerging technologies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the new Emerging Technologies SIG is to seek out new technology and innovations that can be used for persons with disabilities, to be the pioneers that assess and explore the use of the new technology, to distill and refine the best way to use the technology in practice, and to host a platform for discussion and education of emerging technology for assistive technology professionals, rehabilitation engineers, and other RESNA members.

Specifically, the SIG will provide a place to discuss emerging technology and how it may pertain to assistive technology needs in the ongoing effort to improve the health and well-being of persons with disabilities


Co-Chair: Rich Schein, PhD, MPH
Email: richard.schein@pitt.edu

Co-Chair: Andi Saptono
Email: ans38@pitt.edu

Co-Chair: Emma Smith, PhD, MScOT, ATP/SMS
Email: emma.m.smith@gmail.com

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