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2021 Call for Student Scientific Papers


RESNA 2022 Virtual Conference 

Student Scientific Paper
Submission Instructions

Deadline: Febraury 2022


RESNA holds a Student Scientific Paper Competition each year. Full time students in either an undergraduate or a graduate academic program are encouraged to submit a manuscript to the competition. Submit your paper through the online Student Scientific Paper submission process. Your submission will be reviewed and scored by a panel of reviewers who are experts in area(s) relevant to its topic.

Presentation of Accepted Papers
Authors of accepted Student Scientific Papers will be expected to present their work at the RESNA conference. The winning submissions of the competition will be presented in a special Platform Session at the RESNA conference. All other submissions that are accepted to the conference will be asked to present their work through an Interactive Poster Session presentation at the RESNA conference.

Publication Options
Accepted scientific papers will be posted on RESNA’s website and will be publicly available as part of our Conference Proceedings. Winners of the Student Scientific Paper Competition are required to have their entire paper published in the conference proceedings, not just their abstract. The abstracts of accepted papers will also be published in an issue of RESNA’s Assistive Technology Journal.

Authors of non-winning accepted papers may select between publication of their full paper as submitted or a shorter abstract in the Conference Proceedings. The abstract only option is ONLY for authors who plan future submission to scholarly journals and wish to avoid strict restrictions on "prior publication" established by some journals (e.g., Archives of PM&R and some medical journals).

  • All authors considering the abstract-only publication option should investigate the requirements of their targeted journal, and students are encouraged to consult with their advisor.
  • Authors who wish to submit their paper to the RESNA Assistive Technology Journal do not need to limit their publication to an abstract, as the conference proceedings is not considered to be prior publication by the Journal editors.

Click here to download the Student Scientific Paper Author Instructions.

Submission Deadline

Submission site will open in November 2021, and deadline will be in February 2022.


  • Any research substantially performed while the lead author(s) is/are full time student(s) in either an undergraduate or graduate academic program is eligible for the competition.
  • More than one paper can be submitted to the competition, but no student will receive more than one honoraria per year.
  • The same paper cannot be submitted to both the Student Design and Student Scientific Paper competitions.
  • When submitting a paper, the author must include a Letter of Certification from a faculty member verifying that the first author was a student and carried out a majority of the work presented in the paper.

Template & Sample Papers

Scientific Paper Template:  Student Scientific Papers must be formatted according to the RESNA Template. 

Sample Paper:  Authors should review the sample papers in order to gain the clearest idea about style and layout guidelines. 

Style Manual:  Authors can also refer to the Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (6th Edition) style guide for citation and reference information.

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