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Fellow Doug Gayton

Doug Gayton

Born: during the early years of the Korean War

Doug Gayton

Born where: The Prairies

Entry into the AT Field:

During the mid sixties when volunteering at sheltered workshops and began to devise systems for efficacy in order to create more satisfaction with the work environment.

How you got into the field

As though trying to wander across a sea of quicksand.

Important event(s) that influenced my early decision to get into the assistive technology field

I didn't "get into the assistive technology field" - rather it seemed to be a temptress who seduced me until I finally realised there was such a field and I was already well awash in it.

Why I chose the AT field

It chose me.

My inspiration and mentor

Molly Follette Story

Why the field is important to me and the central focus of my work

As a career soldier albeit the bulk of the time as a reservist it seemed an appropriate way to give back.

My memorable successes and greatest contributions to the field

Not getting fired for failing to follow bloody near every policy established by sub-standard, uncaring, bureaucratic management styles.

My most memorable failures

Introducing the Peachtree electronics during an opening and swizzling about in ever increasing circles whilst in full supine.

Significant changes and advances in the field since I first entered it

We started with the pencil.

On the future of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology

Continually needs to be reminded about universality and full accessibility.

My role within RESNA and what it gave back to me

The constant realisation we are all held under the thumb of the arrogant and ignorant in society.

My suggestions for those just entering the field

Be prepared to quit, fight, argue, and seek new employment if what you need to be done in order for you to succeed is forever blocked.