Educators PSG

The Educators PSG includes individuals who are involved or interested in training and education on assistive technology. Members are committed to consistency and competence in training individuals to work in the field of assistive technology as engineers, therapists, counselors and support personnel. If this is your area of interest, you are encouraged to join us or contact the  Chair for further information.

Mission Statement:

We represent professionals interested in the application of assistive technology for teaching and learning. Specific concerns represented by this PSG are professional development, continuing education, quality assurance and credentialing activities.


  • To promote consistent and competent training in assistive technology whether delivered as pre-service, continuing education or professional development.
  • To recognize the importance of a consumer-oriented focus and delivery of AT training, such that practitioners are fully capable of delivering services appropriate to individuals with disabilities.
  • To integrate content consistent with national credentialing (ATP, SMS, RET) towards the goal of increased competence for professionals working in the field of assistive technology.

Who We Are:

Individuals associated with the Educators PSG include practitioners and educators who are dedicated to professional and high quality training in AT towards the ultimate goal of enhanced services to persons with disabilities. Educators PSG represents a forum and venue to swap techniques and strategies to increase the pedagogy for professional development as an assistive technology practitioner. Individuals who are interested in assistive technology training and education are encouraged to contact the CHAIR and Vice-Chair for the PSG.


Co-Chair: Paula Rushton, PhD

Co-Chair: Vince Schiappa, MS

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