Engineers and Technologists

Note: PSG 4 is requesting public comments on a draft white paper that defines current roles and responsiblities for rehabilitation engineers, rehabilitation technologists, and rehabilitation technicians. Comments are due July 29, 2015.  For more information, and to download the draft paper, click here.

Our mission is to define, support, and promote the roles of rehabilitation engineers,  technologists and technicians in research and development, education, manufacturing, and service delivery.


  • Define the roles, and publish competencies, of the rehab technologist and the rehab engineer.
  • Develop a marketing plan and promote the rehabilitation technologist and rehabilitation engineer.
  • Establish an up to date data base.
  • Expand professional development based on membership requests.
  • Expand continuing education opportunities.
  • Expand mentoring opportunities
  • Formalize outreach program to engineering students.  Develop a presentation that can be delivered by PSG-04 members to university and high school groups to promote the field of rehabilitation engineering.
  • Update resource list for university education.
  • Promote disability awareness.
  • Define mentoring needs of professionals desiring to be PE's.
  • Determine Manufacturing, Research and Development needs of the group, and what PSG-04 can do to support their efforts
  • Develop a forum to have access to current assistive technology research in collaboration with RERC's.


Chair: Seong-Hee Yoon, ATP

Co-Chair: Dan Duley, ATP

Previous Chair: Joe Klasner, PhD