International SIG

The International Special Interest Group (SIG) is a forum for RESNA members who are interested in networking, providing services, and conducting research relative to Assistive Technology outside of North America. We seek to both grow as individuals and contribute to our profession through the exchange of information and experience across borders. The International SIG encourages and facilitates collaboration on Assistive Technology projects worldwide. 

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The RESNA International SIG seeks to act as incubator or supporting player for projects worldwide that contribute to Assistive Technology development and application. Here are some of the projects that we are currently supporting...

Helpful Resources

SIG members contributed their knowledge to create this list of helpful resources 
Here are useful English-language resources for international Assistive Technology information. If you know of more resources, or if you find any of these to be inappropriate, please inform the SIG Chair.


Chair: Perry Loh

Vice Chair: Yohali Burrola-Mendez

Vice-Chair: Yih-Kuen Jan

Vice-Chair: Stephanie Vasquez


The RESNA International Special Interest Group (I-SIG) does not specifically endorse any individuals or organizations listed on our web pages. All information contained herein (therein) is provided as a courtesy to RESNA members, I-SIG members and the international rehabilitation community with the hope that it will provide opportunities for career advancement and stimulate increased professionalism and greater cooperation to advance the field of assistive technology. 
Books, manuals, videos, articles and other written, visual and audio information listed on our pages have been recommended by various I-SIG members and are posted or linked to here for your convenience.  The content of websites to which we link is solely the responsibility of those sites. Although we seek to refer you to the best resources we are aware of, it is up to you to evaluate the quality of these resources and their applicability to you, your work, and your clients' needs.