What the RESNA Logo Means

The RESNA logo icon is based on the ancient legend of the Gordian knot, which posed a great challenge to untie because the ends were not visible. The story goes that Alexander the Great finally solved the riddle by taking his sword and cutting the knot in half, thus exposing the ends. The Gordian knot and Alexander’s solution have become a metaphor for using creative thinking to solve difficult problems. The new icon is displayed within a box that is tilted to add dynamism and attract attention. The loops of the knot break out of the box, further symbolizing “out of the box” thinking. 
RESNA retired its original logo, fondly referred to as “red stripes,” in 2013 in order to design a new logo that met the requirements of the digital age and current thinking on accessibility. The logo redesign process was led by board member Ed Steinfeld and designer Heamchand Subryan of the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access at SUNY/Buffalo.  
For accessibility reasons, the logo uses a sans serif font and high contrast colors. Only one color red is used, and there’s no gradation (fading) of any part of the logo, all of which helps accessibility. The red color has defined Pantone, CMYK, and RGB values, making it possible to maintain the same color across various digital media platforms. 
There’s a RESNA member logo, too! As a membership benefit, RESNA members can use the member logo in their e-mail signatures, on business cards, and in promotional material. Visit the Membership Area of the website for more information.