Assistive Technology Standards Board (ATSB)

The RESNA Assistive Technology Standards Board (ATSB) coordinates the development of voluntary consensus standards in the United States and represents the needs and views of U.S. stakeholders in international standardization forums.

RESNA is accredited by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, as a standards organization. Anyone that desires to participate has the right to participate and is fully welcomed.  Our current standards committees, and corresponding International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committees are:

RESNA Standards Committees

RESNA ATSB Assistive Technology Standards Board
RESNA ATAT Assistive Technology for Air Travel
RESNA AGC Adaptive Golf Cars
RESNA ASE Adaptive Sports Equipment
RESNA CA Cognitive Accessibility
RESNA ESTD Emergency Stair Travel Devices for People with Disabilities
RESNA IF Inclusive Fitness
RESNA VI Assistive Products for Persons with Vision Impairments and Persons with Vision and Hearing Impairments
RESNA SS Support Surfaces
RESNA WCS Wheelchairs
RESNA WHAT Wheelchairs and Transportation
RESNA WRS Wheelchair and Related Seating

ISO Committees

ISO/TC 173 Assistive Products for Persons with Disabilities
ISO/TC 173/WG 7 Provisions and Means for Orientation of Visually Impaired Persons in Pedestrian Areas
ISO/TC 173/SC 1 Wheelchairs
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 1 Test Methods
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 6 Wheelchair Restraint Systems
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 8 Stair Traversing Devices
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 10 Electro-technical Systems
ISO/TC 173/SC 1/WG 11 Wheelchair Seating

ATSB Officers


Patricia Karg
University of Pittsburgh
Rehabilitation Science & Technology


Vice Chair

Peter Axelson
Beneficial Designs, Inc.



Yvonne Meding