Membership Benefits

By joining RESNA, assistive technology professionals become members of the premier professional organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through increasing access to technology solutions.  

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  • Discounts on Conferences & Trainings Members receive substantial discounts on Annual Conference registration (save as much as $200), instructional courses, and other educational offerings. Simply by attending one annual conference, the membership can pay for itself. 
  • Publication Discounts — Members enjoy discounts on publications and merchandise created expressly for practitioners in the RESNA Online Store. Members also receive a 20% discount on books offered through Taylor & Francis, the publisher of Assistive Technology Journal. 
  • Partnerships with other organizations — RESNA members regularly receive discounts to attend the conferences of other organizations.

Networking & Professional Development

  • Members-only directory — Make connections and network effectively with other members through the members-only directory, which is not available to the public. Members must  log in to the website to use the directory. 

  • Professional Specialty Groups — RESNA's Professional Specialty Groups (PSGs) connect assistive technology professionals from different specialty areas to colleagues that have similar professional backgrounds. Many AT pros work in professional settings where they may be the only rehabilitation engineer, the only physical therapist, the only speech language pathologist, etc., on the team.  PSGs are an antidote to that professional isolation. Like the SIGs, PSGs publish position papers, collaborate on conference presentations, and participate in professional development activities. Each PSG has its own communications forum reserved for high-level and confidential communication between members. Members can join as many PSGs as they wish.  

  • Special Interest Groups — RESNA’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) connect assistive technology professionals from diverse backgrounds to other members that share similar interests.  Grouped around common themes and issues, the SIGs encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to information sharing, collaboration, and connection.  SIG members publish influential position papers, collaborate on conference presentations, and participate in professional development activities. Each SIG has its own communications forum, where members can pose questions, get immediate feedback, and collaborate. Members can join as many SIGs as they wish. 

Knowledge & Information:

  • Member News — This quarterly electronic publication features news about important policy issues and advanced notice on conferences and meetings. A month after distribution, it is available in the newsletter archives. 
  • Assistive Technology Journal — Members receive a free on-line subscription to the prestigious Assistive Technology Journal, with regular issues published quarterly and special issues published throughout the year. Members also have full, free access on-line to the Journal archives and to pre-publication articles, while non-members can view abstracts and must pay to view the entire text. Members must log in to the website to access the Journal. Members may also receive a printed copy of the Journal for an additional $30 annual fee. 
  • RESNA Member Logo — Members can show their professional pride with a special logo created just for member use. Use it as part of your e-mail signature, on your LinkedIn page, and with your professional bio.

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RESNA is the only professional home for everyone that works in assistive technology. Membership benefits may be added, dropped, or changed at any time.