A Closer Look at Switch Access in iOS 10

This webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25.

Webinar Description

There have not only been many updates in Switch Control found in iOS10 but new switch interfaces as well. This presentation will bring you up-to-date on these new devices and features while providing you with new step-by-step instructions and video to help you make your iPad an accessible tool for your consumers.

Learning outcomes

  1. Participates will view a demonstration of one new switch interface for the iPad and select one possible application of this interface from an online poll.
  2. Participants will follow steps to design custom gestures and switch recipes that are connected to external switches.
  3. Participants will identify 2 scenarios in which the use of "move repeat" and "long press" might be used by a client.


Lynne Deese has been an assistive technologist for the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) since 1999. With a Master’s degree in Special Education, Lynne has provided a full range of assistive technology services including demonstration/loan and individualized assessment. Lynne is a frequent speaker and trainer in the area of assistive technology. Currently she holds the position of Media and Training Coordinator at NCATP. In addition to handling all social media, Lynne manages training efforts that include online training, video demonstration, website development and resource management. She is the past chairperson of the Education Committee and the co-chairperson for PSG07.


The morning of the webinar, participants will receive via email instructions for joining the webinar session.  For questions, please contact Charlie Raphael at craphael@resna.org or 571-257-3268.

Registration Deadline : Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 2:45pm
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