By Switch or by Voice: Environmental Control in Tablets, Personal Assistants and Smartphones


Webinar Description

As persons with disabilities begin to realize their own personal and physical autonomy, they are turning to commonly used electronics to make themselves more self-sufficient in their environment. This webinar will explore the use of tablets, personal assistants like the Amazon Echo and smartphones that can be used to control the individual’s lights, television, door opener and the like. Access methods by switch and by voice will be examined.

Learning Outcomes

1. Participants will discover a variety of Alexa skills and indicate which might be most useful for their consumers and why.
2.  Participants will examine the relative benefits of a smart home vs simple environmental controls based on consumer need and funding.
3. Participants will decide upon the best tablet or phone solution for a consumer based upon the scenario(s) provided.


Lynne Deese has been an assistive technologist for the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) since 1999. With a Master’s degree in Special Education, Lynne has provided a full range of assistive technology services including demonstration/loan and individualized assessment. Lynne is a frequent speaker and trainer in the area of assistive technology. Currently she holds the position of Media and Training Coordinator at NCATP. In addition to handling all social media, Lynne manages training efforts that include online training, video demonstration, website development and resource management. She is the past chairperson of the Education Committee and the co-chairperson for PSG07.


The morning of the webinar, participants will receive via email instructions for joining the webinar session.  For questions, please contact Charlie Raphael at or 571-257-3268.


Registration Deadline : Friday, June 23, 2017 - 1:00pm
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