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RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America, is the premiere professional organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through increasing access to technology solutions. For more information, visit

RESNA Member News

Quarterly e-newsletter for RESNA members.


  • Member News Winter 2018 (12/12/2018)
  • Annual Conference Recap, Board updates, International interviews, and partner opportunties
  • Member News Summer 2018 (6/4/2018)
  • Annual Conference Content, RESNA travels, CoA RATE Accreditation, New K-12 SIG, Legislative news, and partner conferences
  • Member News Spring 2018 (3/27/2018)
  • Annual Conference Registration, Member interviews, RESNA Awards, ATP Fundamentals online courses, and Affiliated organizations


  • Member News Fall 2017 (12/7/2017)
  • Annual Conference Call of Proposal Announcement, Call for Proposals, New Director of Education and Certificaiton: Charlie Raphael, ATP Fundamentals now online, and Affiliated organizational news
  • Member News Summer 2017 (8/18/2017)
  • Annual Conference highlights; Organizational news and new hires; Board of Directors updates; Message from RESNA's President-Elect; RESNA 2018 Call for Proposals (#ingenuityATwork); upcoming events
  • Member News Spring 2017 (4/25/2017)
  • Annual Conference workshops, instructional courses, SIG/PSG Meetings, Board Elections; Government Relations Update; CoA RATE introduction


  • Member News December 2016 (12/7/2016)
  • Conference Call for Proposals are open; Member Feature: Andrew Winnegar; NID
  • Member News May 2016 (5/23/2016)
  • President's Message - My Personal Conference FAQ, Board Elections, Member News, Benefit Spotlight, and more
  • Member News - Conference Special Edition (3/14/2016)
  • Conference News, Registration Now Open, Call for Awards Nominations, Pre-Conference Instructional Courses, and more
  • Member News March 2016 (3/3/2016)
  • Remembering Joey, Call for Board Nominations, Certification News, Government Relations Update, Student Design Competition Announcement


  • Member News November 2015 (11/12/2015)
  • RESNA Blog, Google Makeathon, New SIG & PSG Groups, AT Standards Board News
  • Member News August 2015 (8/6/2015)
  • Is Disability an Outdated Term, New Board Members, Government Relations Update, Announcing RESNA/NCART 2016, AT&T Connect Ability Challenge Winners, AT Standards News, and more.
  • Member News May 2015 (5/7/2015)
  • Will 3D Printers Make Our Profession Obsolete, Government Relations Update, AT&T Connect Ability Challenge, Member News, Summer Webinars, Resources & Tools for Members
  • Member News March 2015 (3/5/2015)
  • RESNA 2015 Conference, Message from the President, Message from the Conference Chair, Board & Committee News, Government Relations Update, Member News, March Webinars, Website Resources


  • Member News November 2014 (11/20/2014)
  • Plan ahead for Denver, Message from the President, Catching the Design Bug (Student Design Competition), Member News, Board & Committee News, Upcoming Webinars, Bits n’ Bobs, Call for Volunteers
  • Member News July 2014 (7/31/2014)
  • Board election results, CRPD Treaty, Welcome New Members, RESNA 2014 Round-Up, Upcoming Courses & Webinars, World Health Organization statement, Pardon Our Dust
  • Member News Feb 2014 (2/20/2014)
  • Board nominations, Upcoming Webinars, Advanced Seating & Mobility Course, RESNA 2014, Certification Corner, RESNA Awards, New Position Papers, Fundamentals Course calendar


  • Member News Sept 2013 (9/12/2013)
  • Upcoming Continuing Education, Meet RESNA's new Executive Director, Certification Corner, What Engineering Heaven Looks Like, The Student Design Competition Experience, Student Scientific Paper Competition Results, RESNA 2014, Government Affairs Update, SIG & PSG News, Congrats & Kudos
  • Member News April 2013 (4/11/2013)
  • A Young Man on the Go, Introducing the New Logo, Certification Corner, RESNA 2013 Update, RESNA in Singapore, Government Affairs Update, SIG News, PSG News, Congrats & Kudos

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