Call for Associate Editors

Date: Monday, August 24, 2020
Category: General

Are you looking for opportunities to contribute to the advancement of research and science in Assistive Technology? RESNA’s Assistive Technology Journal is seeking new volunteer Associate Editors from a range of disciplines to ensure we have broad representation across the field.

What is an Associate Editor?

Associate Editors are the engine behind the journal and work closely with the Editor-In-Chief to manage journal submissions. Associate Editors are assigned submissions to manage within their scope of knowledge and area of expertise.

Associate Editors are responsible for:

  1. Identifying and assigning reviewers for journal submissions
  2. Receiving and checking reviews from reviewers
  3. Recommending decisions to journal submissions based on comments from reviewers

From time to time, Associate Editors may also need to manage communications from reviewers, in conjunction with the Editor-In-Chief in situations of conflict of interest, or in other scenarios where there may be difficulties with a particular review.

What is the time commitment?

The journal has Associate Editors across a range of content areas, therefore this depends somewhat on the nature of the submissions to the journal, and your area of expertise. We aim to ensure Associate Editors are assigned no more than four submissions to manage at a time. This amounts to approximately 10 hours a month, depending on submission volume.You may also be asked to participate periodically in journal related meetings, however these will be periodic and will not require a substantial investment of time.

What are the necessary qualifications?

Associate Editors should have experience with academic publication as an author and as a reviewer. There is no minimum educational qualification, however you should have a clinical, technical, or academic background in the areas which you identify as areas of expertise.

Why should I become an Associate Editor?

Volunteering as an Associate Editor is an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and research in the field of Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering. Without Associate Editors, our journal would not exist! For new or aspiring academics, it is a great way to build your service experience. For more established clinicians or academics, it is an opportunity to continue to contribute your expertise!

How do I become an Associate Editor?

Please send a CV and covering letter, detailing why you are interested in becoming an associate editor, and any experience with academic writing and/or reviewing. We are also asking all who are interested to fill out a brief survey regarding their expertise to allow us to ensure we have breadth in our editorial team to meet our reviewing needs. There is no deadline for applications, we will add new Associate Editors on an as-needed basis.

Complete the Survey

Please send your CV and covering letter to, with the Subject Line: AT Journal.  

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