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Recertification Process

  • Make sure your RESNA on-line account is up-to-date!  You can update everything on-line except your company name. To change your company name, e-mail your request to
  • The office sends all communication through e-mail, so please check your e-mail regularly until you receive your new certificate.
  • Please do not send applications by mail.
  • We recommend that you send your recertification paperwork at least five weeks prior to your certification expiration date.
  • We do not accept any renewal paperwork that is submitted 3 months before renewal date.  
  • You must fully complete the ATP recertification form and include all CE transcripts or certificates. Otherwise, the office will return your paperwork.
  • The CE requirements are posted on the website at this link.
  • You must have achieved your CE within the past two years of your certification. CE courses older than 2 years will not be accepted.
  • Please scan and e-mail all paperwork to
  • Once the office receives your paperwork, we will e-mail you with information about how to access your invoice and pay.
  • You may login to your RESNA account and pay securely on-line using a credit card, or you may mail a check to the address on the invoice.
  • We will start processing your renewal once you have paid your invoice. Processing may take up to 5 weeks.  
  • We do not expedite any renewals.
  • You can check the “Find the ATP” website directory to see if your certification is renewed.
  • We will send your new certificate via e-mail. We send renewal certificates out once a week on Fridays. Please note we no longer send hard copy certificates.
  • If you need a replacement certificate, send your request via e-mail to

If you have questions, e-mail is the best way to reach us due to the high volume of calls we receive. Please e-mail, and we will respond by the following business day.