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Where in the World Will RESNA be in 2023?

This image shows a mountainous background with a person holding a small globe, with the text "Where in the world will RESNA be in 2023?"

RESNA is excited to announce that the 2023 Annual Conference will be returning in-person next year, July 24 - 26. We cannot contain our excitement for next year's event and all of the incredible sessions and speakers we have in store. But before we announce where it's taking place... we thought we'd have a little fun!

Each week until Monday, October 31, RESNA will be revealing clues as to where the 2023 Annual Conference will be taking place. If you guess the correct location, you will be entered to win one (1) complimentary registration for next year's conference!

Please note: You may guess up to three times, once per each email clue.

RESNA conference location clues: 

Clue #1: The RESNA 2023 conference will be...

  • On Earth
  • West of Asia and also east of Asia
  • Below the North Pole, but above the South Pole
  • Near buildings, roads, trees, and people
  • Spelled with a combination of a few letters from the English Alphabet

Clue #2: The RESNA 2023 conference will be...

  • In the United States
  • Heading South for the Summer
  • A former United States President is from this state
  • Might be familiar to some...

Clue #3: The RESNA 2023 conference location is...

  • One of the music hubs of the United States
  • Considered a very soulful city
  • Full of the coolest cats in the music business
  • The home to a certain spicy condiment
  • This city was once a state capitol


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