Occupational Therapists PSG

Occupational Therapists PSG

Who Are We?

The Occupational Therapy profession is about helping people “Live Life to the Fullest”. The RESNA Occupational Therapy Professional Service Group (PSG-3) is comprised of a diverse group of Occupational Therapists (OTs) that are involved in the field of assistive technology (AT).  Our members are involved delivering AT in numerous clinical, educational and research settings.  Some examples include:

  • Academic: school setting from elementary to high school,
  • Health care: acute care, rehabilitation, home health, pediatric facilities,
  • Community-based: private practice, workman’s compensation, vocational rehabilitation services
  • Occupational Therapy Practitioner education programs
  • AT Outcome measurement, service delivery, product development

What Do We Do?

The use of AT is a theme that runs throughout our OT practice.  We deliver AT services to our clients on a daily basis involving both low technology and high technology options.

  • Provide a person with a spinal cord injury voice recognition or alternate mouse control to access to a computer to e-mail friends or compete in the workplace,
  • Enable a person with a brain injury the strategies and tools, e.g. calendar, PDA, alarm watch to organize their life and complete important tasks,
  • Work within a school system to help child to interact in school and complete their homework by providing an appropriate seating system or adaptations for school materials.

We work with other disciplines and organizations to meet the needs of individuals, but also to improve the delivery of assistive technology services and devices.

  • We are working with the AOTA to develop AT competencies for Occupational Therapy Practitioners.
  • Our members publish on AT in a variety of peer-reviewed, professional and consumer publications 
  • Our members present at local, national and international conferences throughout the year.

What are our Backgrounds?

Currently, there are about 200 members of PSG-3 from 40 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom.  We are teachers, clinicians and researchers; assistive technology developers, providers and consumers.  While we wear many hats, we all are passionate about assistive technology and its importance in enabling individuals to reach their goals.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to enable individuals meet their goals and lead fulfilling lives through the use of AT and advance the practice of Occupational Therapy. 

How can OT PSG Members Contribute?

Discover how to become a part of the PSG-3 membership resource database, join a working group, contribute to this website, write an article for RESNA publications, or volunteer to help at a RESNA conference.


Vice Chair: Jillian Stamatelos, ATP/SMS
E-mail: jillian.stamatelos@jefferson.edu


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