Suppliers and Manufacturers

Suppliers and Manufacturers

What is the Suppliers and Manufacturers PSG about?

We build awareness of assistive technology products and devices within the therapy, engineering  and product design professions, foster relationships among suppliers and manufacturers who wish to explore this exciting and growing rehabilitation field, and encourage new ideas to improve functional outcomes for individuals with all types of disability.

We hope you will share your work with other members, by posting a link here to your website, sending news of conferences and publications, utilizing our resource page and meeting with other  members at the RESNA conference. In these ways you can help make this special interest group a nexus of ideas for research, development, training and practice.


Our members have a shared interest in exploring technological solutions for people with all types of  disability.

Our members include rehabilitation therapists, engineers and product designers as well as rehab technology suppliers who wish to share their work and build collaborations that will advance assistive technology options for those with functional impairments.


  • Provide a forum for the discussion of supportive technologies that compensate for functional limitations.
  • Distribute information about disabilities and technology to RESNA members and other interested parties
  • Inform professionals in the field about concerns expressed by both people with disabilities and by developers of assistive technology devices


All of the Professional Specialty Groups can connect as communities through our new, online community platform, RESNA Connect! Access RESNA Connect and join the Suppliers and Manufacturers PSG community to take part in discussions, share resources, and collaborate with fellow community members.