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The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Education Committee on Accreditation (CoA RATE) continues to evaluate the situation related to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and its potential impact to academic programs.

We have received several questions regarding CoA RATE’s response to programs that experience operational disruptions (e.g. closures, fieldwork experience site restrictions, etc). The CoA RATE supports the efforts of programs and institutions to determine the best alternatives for students to complete their degree requirements (including academic courses and field experience hours) if the current conditions disrupt normal operations. As your institution and program determine the specific requirements for graduation, the COA RATE’s expectations are that programs continue to provide opportunities for knowledge and skills to be developed, and that programs are confident in the competencies of their graduates to enter the workforce.

The following resources may help you in your planning:

This situation is evolving, and we will continue to monitor the situation as one of our top priorities.  As you and your administration develop plans for the continuation of the program; please document your action plan and present the plan to your Advisory Committee for endorsement.

Below, you'll find news about universities accredited by RESNA's CoA RATE Program:

Accreditation allows unviersities to demonstrate the ability to meet standards established by CAAHEP and RESNA. This is the benchmark for quality and will strengthen confidence in the university's program. The university is among one of several of RESNA's flagship universities. Accreditation provides...

  • Practical tools to strengthen or maintain excellence
  • A framework for organizational maintanence and improvement, and
  • A level of trust among peers in the assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering field.

We'll continue to update you with news about the accreditation process and those who become approved as accredited programs.