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Consumer and Public Information

Resources for assistive technology consumers and the general public: contact us by e-mail or by phone at (202) 367-1121.

Find a Certified Assistive Technology Professional

If you are a person with a disability or a caregiver, RESNA offers a free, on-line tool to find highly qualified, assistive technology professionals near you. All of the professionals listed in this directory are RESNA certified, which means they have passed an exam to prove that they have the experience and knowledge to provide quality services, and they follow the RESNA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. To get the best results, we recommend searching by state; you can then sort the cities by clicking on the heading at the top.

Follow this link to the Find the ATP tool

State Assistive Technology Act Programs

Statewide Assistive Technology Programs are federally-funded programs in almost every U.S. state. These programs offer:
  • information about what devices and services are available and where to obtain them
  • device loan and demonstration, and in some states, borrowing programs to "try out" devices
  • funding resources for purchasing or acquiring assistive technology
  • device exchange and recycling programs that provide individuals with used equipment at little to no cost.

Assistive Technology Financing Programs

Alternative Financing Programs (AFP) can help an individual living with a disability get affordable financial loans to purchase assistive technology. Typical assistive technology purchased through this funding include:

  • modified vehicles
  • home modifications
  • hearing aids
  • vision aids
  • adapted computers

Protection Advocacy Programs (PAAT)

PAAT programs offer legal and advocacy services to assist individuals with disabilities obtain assistive technology devices and services from numerous funding sources, including Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance companies, special education programs, and state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies. Several states have these federally-funded programs. Visit the Neighborhood Legal Services' website to find your state's PAAT program.

Position Papers and Provision Guides

Consumers have found RESNA Position Papers helpful in explaining the medical or functional necessity of specific assistive technology devices to insurers and other funding sources. These position papers are free and available for download on the website. Follow this link to the Position Paper web page.

Get Involved with RESNA

Consumers, advocates, and representatives serve on some RESNA committees to provide their perspective on assistive technology issues. Please visit the webpages below to find out more about these opportunities or contact RESNA via e-mail


Consumers can join RESNA at a reduced membership price of $85, and receive all membership benefits, including on-line access to the Assistive Technology Journal. Follow this link to find out more about consumer membership.