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Canadian Accessibility Information




  • Toronto Union Station: Toronto’s first Union Station was a passenger rail station located west of York Street at Station Street, south of Front Street in downtown Toronto. It was built by the Grand Trunk Railway and opened in 1858.
  • Link Transit: An automated people mover (APM) at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The wheelchair-accessible train runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is completely free-of-charge to ride.
  • Union Pearson Express: UP Express departs from both Union Station and Toronto Pearson International Airport every 15 minutes. Your journey takes just 25 minutes; it's the swiftest and most reliable way to travel. UP Express offers special assistance at Union Station and Pearson airport only.



  • Beck Taxi: Beck Taxi is a family-run business. Between drivers, dispatchers, and call-takers, they speak 90 different languages among their staff, reflecting Toronto's diversity.
    • ​Tel: +1 416-751-5555
  • Maple Leaf Taxi: Maple Leaf Taxi drivers are required to successfully complete a formal training program consisting of classes in defensive driving, road safety, route planning and customer service.
    • ​Tel: +1 416-465-5555
  • Co-op Cabs: The drivers are also the owners and shareholders. Every shareholder that owns and operates a Co-op Cab has a vote and helps to decide its direction. Co-op Cabs, Crown Taxi, and Royal Taxi are under the same umbrella.
    • ​Tel:+1 416-504-2667
  • Crown Taxi: This is a Co-op Cabs company that has been providing service to the Toronto area for over 60 years
    • ​Tel: +1 416-504-2667
  • Royal Taxi: They proudly note that their company serves clients with special needs and makes sure that their car drivers all operate in accordance with AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). Note that Royal has been added to Co-op Cabs (Crown Taxi) so when you call the dispatch centre, you'll get whatever taxi is closest, be it a Co-op, Royal or Crown car.
    • ​Tel: +1 416-777-9222
  • City Taxi: They shuttle people to and from airports and medical visits and also handle small moving jobs and rush parcel service
    • ​Tel: +1 416-740-2222
  • Scarborough City Cab: Transports individuals in wheelchairs, scooters, mobility devices, or walkers. Also provides transport wheelchairs if requested.
    • ​Tel: +1 416-438-5151


  • TTC Wheel Trans: Provides door-to-door service to persons with physical disabilities on accessible buses, contracted sedans or accessible taxis. Maximum ramp size is 34” wide with a 600 lb weight capacity. To use this service, you must first attend an in-person interview to check if you are eligible for this service.Please call the TTC to book this appointment. If TTC approves you, they will give you a registration number to use when booking rides. You must book rides in advance.
    • Tel: +1 416-766-9922 / +1 416-834-5559
  • Wheelchair Taxi: Para transit buses and accessible taxis for passengers in wheelchairs (including power wheelchairs and scooters). You must book a minimum of 2 hours in advance. Bariatric services are also available, with ramps from 29” to 39” wide. To book this service, please call 1 day in advance.
    • Tel: +1 416-884-9898 / +1 416-209-0950 / Toll-free: +1 877-225-2212
  • Wheelchair Accessible Transit: Vehicles can accommodate 1 to 6 wheelchairs (including power wheelchairs, scooters) as well as family, friends or escorts. Vehicles include taxis, large/extra large accessible vans, minivans, limousines. Offers citywide local transportation or provincial transportation at a flat rate.
    • Tel: +1 647-239-5467
  • SAVE Wheelchair Trans: On-demand service available. Please call at least 40 minutes before your pick up time. Provides door-to-door service. Wheelchairs are available if requested. Flat rate pricing, based on the total distance.
    • Tel: +1 416-300-4360
  • New Transportation Inc: Delivery/Wheelchair Accessible Service and E-Bike/Scooter Pick Up
    • Tel: +1 905-440-2011
  • Mobility Plus: Airboc buses can accommodate up to 5 wheelchair/scooter customers at the same time. Vans can accommodate up to 2 wheelchairs/scooters at a time. To use this service, you must fill an application form available from: Mobility Plus will review your application within 14 days of receiving it. If you meet specific eligibility criteria, Mobility Plus will provide a registration card and number to use when booking rides. Clients pay YRT/Viva fares.
    • Tel: +1 416-785-3778
  • Helpful Hands Inc: Transports seniors and adults with disabilities who use wheelchairs (including power wheelchairs) or scooters for mobility. Clients can also travel with one caregiver or family member. Provides door-to-door service. Transport wheelchairs are available for use.
    • Tel: +1 416-834-5559 / Toll-free: +1 800-936-3040
  • GTA Accessible Transportation Inc: Transports passengers in wheelchairs (including power wheelchairs) or scooters.All vans have ramps or lifts so passengers do not have to transfer from their wheelchair or scooter to a regular seat. Provides door-to-door service. Same day bookings available with hourly rates or flat rates. Bariatric services are also available (no weight limits), with ramps up to 36” wide. Please call a day in advance for this service.
    • Tel: +1 416-398-2109 / Toll-free: +1 866-398-2109
  • Dignity Transportation Inc: Transports individuals in wheelchairs, or scooters, individuals with disabilities. Available vehicles include buses (for up to 8 wheelchairs and 11 escorts), lift-equipped vans, low-floor minivans (for up to 4 wheelchairs), limousines (for up to 2 wheelchairs, 6 passengers). Bariatric services are also available, with ramps up to 37” wide. Flat-rate pricing based on the distance you travel (shortest route). Or, you can book by the hour if planning a trip with numerous stops. This option has a 2-hour minimum charge.
    • Tel (York Region): +1 905-889-5550 / Tel (GTA): +1 416-955-0564
  • A-Quality Mobility Inc: Transports up to 1 wheelchair (including power wheelchairs or scooters) and 4 ambulatory passengers. Transport wheelchairs are available for use. Provides curb-to-curb or door-to-door service. Escorts (including RNs/RPNs) are available to accompany clients.
    • Tel (Applications): +1 416-393-4111 / Tel (Reservations): +1 416-393-4222